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At Faraday we can help you to evaluate and conceptualise new uses for emerging technologies, design new products or service offerings, understand your customers better and successfully engage in innovation challenges.

Innovation program delivery

In addition, we help our partners to deliver startup challenges and innovation programs, by coaching early-stage and growing companies through product conceptualisation, user research, market validation and business model development.



Faraday was founded by Alistair Cadman, an experienced consultant and entrepreneur.

Alistair has worked with the Australian Government and industry leaders in Germany & Australia across multiple domains including automotive, mobility, health, fintech and retail.

Alistair Cadman

Founder & Innovation Consultant


CleanAI Named as a Cool Vendor by Gartner

28 MAY 2020

"The mobility sector is filled with startups pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence into areas such as vehicle development, servicing and in-vehicle user experience. CIOs in automotive and smart mobility should look to partner with them."

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These 5 Startups are Coming to the US

30 OCT 2019

"In our third annual Mobility investment program we are lucky to be able to tap into innovative early-stage startups from around the world, each of them with a unique approach to solving the problems of today and positioned to scale up in a world where shared, connected, autonomous and electric mobility is here to stay."

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Interview with AtomLeap
High-Tech SeedLab

2 Aug 2019

"As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow in scale and sophistication, the use cases for AI are popping up in all sorts of unexpected places. The newest team to join the AtomLeap High-Tech Accelerator is combining computer vision and AI to address a universal problem."

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